Kathmandu - The capital of Nepal

Kathmandu - the capital and largest city of Nepal.  Its economic, historical, political and cultural centre. Its population is 1,003,285 according to here.

Kathmandu valley height of about 1300m – mountain valley and the historical region of Nepal, the famous Newar towns of Kathmandu, Lalitpur (Patan), Bhaktapur, Kirtipur, Panauti and numerous monasteries and temple centres and cultural monuments.

The appearance of the capital remained in XVII-XVIII centuries, when the Kathmandu Valley is actively built up during the reign of the Malla kings.

The city has many Buddhist and Hindu temples from the stupa Bodnath to tiny street altars within the walls of houses. Locals say that in the Kathmandu Valley, 10 million lives of the gods. Swayambhunath stupa complex and Bodhnath were built in the III century BC. and have been rebuilding a millennium later. Svayambhunath known primarily stone reliefs created in VI-VIII centuries. It is equally well known and Pashupatinath – a temple complex buil…

43 Weirdest E Cigarette Liquid Flavors

It is easy to become overwhelmed if you are new to the vaping world due to the huge selection of e-juice available in the market. There are hundreds of different e cig liquid suppliers from DIY home brewers to the local mom-and-pop shops. Multi-national e-liquid are also trying to satisfy the ever growing number of customers. Here are reviews of most weirdest e-juice you are bound to find in the market.

1. KanaVape
KanaVape has been regarded as a product that allows you to enjoy cannabinoids without THC. You will have a taste of the original flavor without the combustion and smell. The absence of the psychoactive effect of THC is the reason why smokers stay relaxed and keep a clear mind.

2. Zeus Juice
This e juice has 4 different fruits blended to give you a flavorful e liquid. The manufacturers believe that this is the best of e liquids they have ever created. To some extent, that statement has some truth in it. Those who have tried Zeus juice have regarded it as one of their favorite.

3. Gummi Bear
If you are looking for a cocktail inspired vape that is a recreation of the popular Gummi Bear shot then look no further. This is the e-liquid you should be floating on. It has a pure taste of Gummi deliciousness every smoker loves. Most people who prefer sitting at home away from the hassles of a nightclub life find solace in Gummi Bear.

4. Happy Ending
Just like the name suggests, Happy Ending is a product from Pink Spot that is divine and gives you happiness. It is neither a tobacco flavor nor fruit, pastry or candy. It’s in a league of its own. Each Happy Ending is made from vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, pharmaceutical nicotine and food grade pure flavoring.

5. Tiki Juice E-liquid
This is a hybrid tobacco e-juice blend that is not only a throat hit but also offers the best vapor. This is the best product for people who love sweet tropical top notes through their throats. Tiki Juice e-liquid also has a menthol base. This is perhaps the reason why most people say that a puff of it gives your mouth an oceanic breeze.

6. Pink Spot
Manufactures of Pink Spot believe that e-juices should be made of the best ingredients. This is why they prioritized customer service when they created Pink Spot vapors. Pink spot has top quality ingredients and original flavors you will love at first taste.

7. Swagger
The name doesn’t suggest that this e-liquid is only for the young. In fact, if you are old and want to feel young then this could be what you have been missing. It has the smoothest and the most flavorful tobacco based flavor. Manufactures say that a puff of Swagger will make you shed off your old skin.

8. Mothers Milk
There is nothing as sweet as a mother’s embrace. Mother’s Milk gives you a motherly embrace thanks to its creamy dessert flavor that also includes a light strawberry exhale. It comes in different sizes of 30ml and 120ml. Once you try this e-juice, you will be like that baby that doesn’t want to let go of its mother’s breasts.

9. Hawk Sauce
This is a blend of sweet and slightly sour berries. It also comes with a light hint of cool menthol to work on your breath. Hawk Sauce is a delicious fruity vape that refreshes your entire being. Although it is not endorsed by FIFA, it loved by soccer fans since it eases tension.

10. Unicorn Blood
The blood of a unicorn is believed to have magical powers. It’s not yet proven whether Unicorn Blood e-liquid will give you magical powers but one thing is for sure, its fruity and sweet rainbow goodness empowers your thoughts and makes them real and brings your fairy tales to life.

11. Gambit
You need something with a classic, mellow apple pie taste after a long day at work. Gambit gives you that and more thanks to its decadent caramel. The liquid blends are comprised of 50% VG/50% PG. What makes this e-juice a different e cig liquid is the fact that its flavors are extracted from actual base ingredients.

12. Snake Oil
This is Seduce Juice best seller. The liquid has a pear and a hint of coconut. This is a vapor that has been created to have a great taste right from the gates of the factory. You can enjoy your Snake Oil much longer if you go for the Goliath size of 750ml. However, there are also other smaller quantities you can go for.

13. Black Mamba
This martini inspired e-juice has a “poisonous” bite just like the snake. The fierce blend of multiple flavors is the more reason why this could be the best e-liquid ever. It includes flavors of smooth cranberry and blackberry with a splash of citrus.

14. Organic Snake Bite
The secret ingredient for this notorious vape is a dark, mysterious berry flavor that makes you attached to it. This is a liquid that never lets you go. It is made from USP vegetable glycerin, distilled water, organic flavors and certified organic. You should only expect a taste of pure extractions of fruit from each puff.

15. Cinnamon Roll
This is an old classic that needs to be tried by every e cigarettes lover. Cinnamon Roll is the sweetest dessert vape that offers a perfect blend of frosting and cinnamon. This is what you need if you are looking for options to satisfy your nicotine cravings and taste buds.

16. Kryptonite
This is one of US’s premium quality e-juice for vapor connoisseurs. The refreshing blend of cool melon and sweet candy is powerful enough to bring you to your knees. You can choose from 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg Nicotine Strength. It is also available in a 15mL and 30mL glass dropper bottles.

17. Boba’s Bounty
If you are looking for a smooth and mysterious tobacco blend that has the right hint of sweet then look no further. Boba’s Bounty has got you covered. This liquid keeps you guessing and wondering what’s really in there. You can be part of its worldwide followers if you want to.

18. Gorilla Juice
This is a state of the art high quality e-liquid from Gorilla. It has the most flavors that includes the industry’s taste leading signature blends. This means that Gorilla juice will satisfy every flavoring craving, from menthol to savory or sweet. You can be part of the e-cigarette liquid champions by having a puff of Gorilla juice.

19. Hobbes Blood
What you get in Hobbes blood is nothing but the great watermelon, strawberry and a very light hint of coconut to seal the deal. You can think of Hobbes blood as shave ice flavor or “Tiger Blood” because what you get is more than just a nicotine quench.

20. Thug Juice
Although most people have an issue with the name, Thug Juice has a delicious blend of berries and melon with a cool menthol finish to refresh you. The cool and fruity vape is deliciously balanced and comes in a variety of blends and strengths.

21. Blu-Ki-Co Ninja
Unlike other e-juices with expected fruit flavors, Blu-Ki-Co Ninja surprises you with a clean yet so full of flavor juice. This product is popular due to the fact that it’s busting with sweet-tartness you will hardly find in other products. What you get is an unforgettable fruit arrangement.

22. Purple Pieman
A smooth blueberry and banana is the flavor you get from Purple Pieman. This is the best e-juice that gives you a mellow and refreshing tropical specifically made for a huge throat hit. For those who don’t like menthol or any additives then this could be the best product for you.

23. Truth Serum
This is a new favorite of most of e cigarette lovers. You can call it a Pear Coconut Cream. However, experts regard it as one of the e-juices that really does need to steep. By the time the juice is a orangy yellow color then it means it is ready to take you for a ride.

24. The monster
The tangy and tart taste is what makes most people love sweet energy drinks. That is exactly what you get from the Monster by VistaVapor. Not only will you love the sweet taste but also the extra boost you need based on its sensation as the smoke slides back and forth your throat.

25. Claim Your Throne
Do you want to claim your throne and mark your territory? You don’t need a sword and a shield or an army. You only need a perfect blend of sweet creams, brown sugar and butterscotch that comes with Claim Your Throne e-liquid. The juice has a complex flavor profile that never disappoints.

26. Fight Your Fate
Certain moments in time are precious, perfect and fixed. Manufacturers of Fight Your Fate have beautifully crafted this e-juice to wrap you in tart lemons and sweet ripe strawberries just to keep those moments fresh. Just like most of these products, Fight Your Fate also comes with a glass dropper Cap.

27. The Lover
When a refreshing trifecta of Papaya, guava is in the air then know love is definitely in the air. Vintage E-Liquids have come up with a product you will fall in love with at first sight and that is The Lover. This product comes in 15ml bottles and in a Zippolighter case.

28. The Dreamer
Your flavor palate will be elevated to new heights with a single puff of The Dreamer. It has a delicate peach and pineapple notes to sweeten up the deal and entrancing strawberry blend. You need a heavenly experience when your muscles are worn-out and that’s what you get from The Dreamer.

29. The Sinner
The sinner is regarded as the best of both worlds due to the fact that it combines two kinds of cooling mint. It also offers a wickedly exquisite mix of flavor with its smooth robust tobacco. What you get from the Sinner is far better than any other experience in the vapor world.

30. The Joker
You don’t want to joke with the joker because its playful twist of sweet orange blended with a hint of vanilla and two kinds of luscious cream will always be an advantage over you. If you want to put a smile on your face then let the Tangy, delicious and creamy Joker do the trick.

31. Death’s Delight
A perfect all day vape should contain a delightful creamy mix of banana, toasted almonds and Bavarian crème. Death’s Delight gives you that and more. This e-juice is made with USA Kosher Grade Nicotine, 100% safe artificial and natural flavorings and pharmaceutical Grade PG/VG.

32. The Shocker
This is the best summertime vapor if you are 18 and above. Sorry if you are not, but the shocking lemonade and citrus notes capped off by a mixture of apples, mangoes and strawberry is what makes this product popular. It also has a refreshing great taste of sweet and sour lemonade.

33. Eternal Love
Eternal love is made in USA which means it is a world class liquid. With toasted almond, this e-liquid offers smokers a blend of banana, coconut and vanilla cupcake. To preserve the integrity of this product, it is mixed, bottled and labeled in a pharmaceutical laboratory and steeped in a glass.

34. Frankenvape
Everyone loves the two standout flavors in the Standard line from Saveurvape. Although juices whose primary flavors are Kiwi have the best sweetness on the inhale and over-exaggerated tartness on the exhale, Frankenvape dulls this effect with the creamy marshmallow undertone that’s pleasant on both inhale and exhale.

35. Curious Jorge
Curious Jorge is a banana flavor that comes in a 30ml bottle. It’s all bananas so if you want a banana then it’s simple, go for Curious Jorge. However, people who have vaped it for some time will disagree with the above statement. They will tell you that there is a slight, though measurable, creaminess to it.

36. Antena’s Adventure
You need to try out the newest addition to the Zeus e-liquid pantheon. Antena, Goddess of wisdom, inspiration and courage is what you have been missing. This is a hand-crafted blend of fruit flavors but some will refer to it as artistic. There are fruit flavors forged together to bring out the heroic spirit in you.

36. Cold Soul
The Cold Soul is a refreshing blend of mango and citrus fruits made in USA. For a chill/sweet profile, the liquid has a cool menthol finish. The juice is also made with USA Kosher Grade Nicotine, Pharmaceutical Grade PG/VG and natural and artificial flavorings that are 100% safe.

37. Selene’s Seduction
Selene is the Greek Goddess of the moon so what you get from Selene’s Seduction is supreme. This e-liquid is a smooth and relaxing combination of fruits aptly named to seduce and quench your taste buds. You will have a totally different vaping experience with Selene’s Seduction.

38. Dionysus’ Aphrodisiac
Dionysus on the other hand was the God of wine, festivals and parties. He was also known for his chaos, madness, ecstacy, drugs and drunkenness. You will get a pleasant blend of strawberry and multiple types of vanilla in Dionysus’ Aphrodisiac to bring your vaping experience alive. You will make this to be one of your top five rotation juices before you even know it.

39. Aphrodite’s Affair
This is a flavorful blend of strawberries, cherries, cream and dark chocolate. The first taste that comes into play is the chocolate which is more milky. This blend of e-juice was inspired by the love affair we have with chocolate covered cherries and strawberries. Who said you can’t have affairs with many flavors?

40. Poseidon’s Poison
You get four of your favourite fruits blended together in the quantities you love. The final product you will have is Poseidon’s Poison. Lovers of this e-liquid confirm that it has slight tartness and tones of citrus. The secret of loving this product is trying to distinguish the fruit flavors used to create it.

41. Medusa Juice
Medusa blends 3 types of fruits to produce a berry flavored juice you should try out. This juice has a smooth and flavorful taste that feels your throat. Since this is an e-juice that has received numerous positive reviews, it’s up to you to try it and find out for yourself if it deserves the praise.

43. Lust
In modern terms, there's a distinction between love and lust. In the vaping world, we never thought there will be, but this will change the mind completely. With a delightful mixture of raspberries, limes, apples, and peaches, all thrown right into a glass of Pina Colada, you're planning to be in lust with the taste of one's juice. But don't have sexual relationship with your juice though, that's not healthy. Throw in certain menthol, and you're mouth will undoubtedly be extra happy.

P.S some of the images above are for illustration purpose only.


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Belgian Cocoa Cartomizers - $9.99
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